The Importance of Web Traffic in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

People who own websites know the importance of website traffic. Website traffic is basically the amount of data which is sent to and received by a certain website’s visitors. This equates to the number of visitors that website gets.

For example, you own a burger business. Your competitor’s business is located in the center of the city, where all the activity is. Your business, on the other hand, is located in the outer district of the city, where less people are. Even though your burgers taste better and are cheaper, you won’t have as much customers as your competitor, because their good location has more people, which will lead to more customers.

Think of your web traffic in this way. If your website cannot generate good website traffic, you will be just like the burger business, with low conversion, which means low sales.

One way people drive traffic to their websites is by using advertising, but this option might be too expensive for some. A cheaper alternative is through search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is the process of maximizing your number of website visitors by making sure that your site gets a high ranking in search results. This means you will be using search engines to get traffic. For more info visit here:-

The following are tips you can take to generate more website visitors through SEO:

1. Use keywords effectively.

You have to choose the right keywords. This assures that potential customers will find your site. Do not repeat them too much, or else your webpage or website will be considered as spam, and will be skipped.

2. Don’t plagiarize.

Just because it’s the Internet, does not mean it is okay. You can’t trick search engines by stealing other people’s webpages. They can detect webpage duplication, which will result in not being listed in web results.

3. Don’t use keywords not related to your site.

I once noticed the absurd tags on a YouTube video. The video was of a girl singing “Let It Go”, from the Disney movie Frozen, but the tags had nothing to do with the video content. They were of other popular artists and songs. This is an unethical way of gaining search visibility, and is considered spam. This will result in being removed from listings.

4. Don’t assume all search engines operate on the same rules.

Search engines have their own set of rules, which might change any time. It is up to the website owner to find out what these rules are, and learn how they can use these rules to improve their search visibility.

5. Don’t use free web hosting.

If you are serious in getting higher website traffic through SEO, then do not use free web hosting. Content from these free hosts are ranked lower.

6. Check for missing web page elements.

Each webpage in your website must be complete. This means there should be no missing graphics, links, information, etc.

7. Rely on white hat SEO methods.

The opposite of white hat lets you increase your ranking through unethical methods. You should never use these. Search engines are getting more and more intelligent, and won’t be easily tricked anymore, and will do your website ranking harm.


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