Tips For the Wedding Planner

Congratulations! You’re getting married! There are so many details to beworked out, you must be wondering where to start.

Once you have a date, The Wedding Planner the first thing to do is approximate how many guests you plan to invite. Then find a suitable reception hall that can handle that many guests at a reasonable price. It is better to choose the best room at a smaller venue than a bargain smaller room at a large hall. Round tables are to be preferred over rectangular tables both for the elbow room and the ease of conversation. A low centerpiece will allow your guests to see each other without leaning. The dance band should be as far from the wedding party table as possible, preferably centered in the room. Chairs should be clean and well padded for comfort.

If a cocktail hour is contemplated, usefulinfodaily opt for strolling waiters with mini hord’ouves. A groaning board of hot and cold dishes is too tempting, expensive, and insures that the main course later will not be appreciated. Start the guests ten minutes early to enter the main room. Pay attention to the wedding hostess for he or she has done this before and knows what works well for a smooth entrance. If you want table pictures, plan to take them immediately after the first dance. That is the only time everyone will be seated in their places.

Consider buying a used bridal gown. Your budget will get you a much more expensive bridal gown than otherwise. Check to see that the floor length gown allows three or four inches clearance above the floor . Often gowns that seem perfect a month before the wedding hang lower to the floor on your wedding day. Always buy a new head piece to match the exact color of your gown. Shoes can be broken in at home and choose a medium heel for comfort on a long day ending with dancing. The usher’s tuxedos should be tried on at least a month before the wedding to allow time for alterations. Make sure the shirts are tried on with the jackets to monitor the amount of cuff that shows ( one inch). Each guy is different and their usual known size will not work well.

If reserving a limousine, read the fine print in the contract. Often just a few minutes of overtime results in a hefty addition to your bill. Try to arrange a double free parking spot in front of your house for the wedding day. It’s smart for the ushers to remove their jackets for the ride to the church and the reception.. Have printed directions available for the drivers. For more info visit here:-

Be nice to the photographer. Make his job a little easier and your pictures will come out great. Ask him or her when and where he plans to take the family pictures and the wedding party portraits. Then notify the families ahead of time what to expect. Emphasize that you only have thirty minutes to take these important wedding photos so it is necessary that all family members be available at the designated time and place. The sooner everyone is there, the sooner you can enjoy your reception. Don’t leave these pictures to be taken at the reception because you want to have an uninterrupted good time there. If your photographer asks for a little time to take a few special pictures, accommodate him and you will be glad later.


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