Purchases Via Smartphone on the Rise: Mobile Commerce to Replace the Wallet

There is no greater time to consider Snuko’s anti-theft smartphone software to protect yourself from the adverse consequences associated with having your smartphone stolen. In today’s society, emplaye a large majority of smartphone users utilize their phones for much more than phone calls or text messaging. Smartphones are being used for so many different uses that they are speculated to soon replace the wallet in our pockets and purses. Smartphones are soon to replace debit and credit cards. Not long after that it is possible for Smartphones to replace government-issued identification cards. For these foregoing reasons you should definitely consider Snuko’s smartphone technology that will enable you to locate and ultimate recover your smartphone almost immediately after it is stolen. common hype

Researchers are very worried that these advances in smartphone technology will lead to an increased risk of identity theft and financial ruin for any theft victims. Alarmingly, $3.4 billion worth of purchases were placed via smartphone in 2010. This reflects a 143% raise in smartphone purchases since 2009. Even more shocking is the $1.5 billion in purchases shoppers placed on their smartphones for travel-related purchases. goalkicksoccer

If it seems far-off before merchants will actually be accepting smartphone payments, think again. Starbucks already accepts I-Phone payments for coffee and lattes. Other merchants following the trend include Nike, Buy.com and Amazon.com. สล็อต รวม ค่าย เว็บตรง ไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ 2023

The new phenomenon is known as mobile commerce, and it’s not going anywhere. Purchases via mobile phones can be included in the month’s cellular bill or charged to pre-saved credit and debit card accounts. hoodpay

As with any new convenience, mobile commerce comes with its own host of problems. Namely, federal protections allow for consumers to dispute credit card charges incurred as a result of a lost or stolen credit card. However, charges appearing on a cellular phone statement are not covered under the federal statute. Thus, if someone steals your smartphone enabled with mobile commerce technology, hermes 手袋 you may be out of luck for reimbursement of charges.

Snuko’s unparalleled smartphone software is the best way to protect your phone if you plan to utilize mobile commerce conveniences. It’s software enables victims of theft to immediately contact Snuko whereby the company will blackout the phone from use. Thus, if you have invaluable personal financial information stored on your smartphone, the thief will be able to access your information. smartphone for elderly


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